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with fingernails that shine like justice
and a voice that is dark like tinted glass
2014 New Years' Resolution: Start writing in Livejournal regularly again.
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Today was semi-eventful. I practiced [clari] for an hour. I got my hairs cut, something I desperately needed, because for the past week and a half I've felt like a shaggy mop with no style or texture. I bought a box of a dozen donuts from Krumpe's, the little family-owned shop down the alley off Maryland Avenue that I haven't been to in over a year. I whipped Nick's sorry ass in a game of Scrabble.

I read this weekend's excerpt from Philosophy Through Film - our Philosophy class is kicking off with an entire unit on The Matrix. Note that I never made it the whole way through this movie, because it scared me. My luck, the professor will end up designing a unit around The Exorcist or something. (Okay, it's not in the syllabus, but you never know. *grabs crucifix*

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The Queen just opened in our town's theatre! *great big smile and squeal of delight*

Along those lines, my Shakespeare professor said something very cute to the class yesterday:
When I was a little boy, I first fell in love with the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that was playing on TV late one night. Or maybe it was just Helen Mirren in a miniskirt that I fell in love with...

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So, first day of school. *hitches bookbag up on back, grabs Beauty and the Beast lunch box, and grins like a doofus*

It was a really short commute to Frederick this morning (30 minutes on the dot without the use of highways. Woo.) and a long day full of classes. I opened the door to my room to find all of Jenn's things gone - she moved in with a friend of hers on the second floor. I'm a little glum, I admit, I'll miss her being here. There's something comforting about somebody else with you in the room, even when you're engaged in separate activities, but I'll adjust to the solo. I'm sibling-less, after all.

My classes are all very interesting and all of the professors seem very nice. Modern Wasteland is predictable (I had Dr. Carter last semester, so I know what she wants) but deals with an awesome time period (imperialism & the post-war era). News Writing reminds me that I'm hardly the next Bob Woodward, but I really should experience all the different styles of writing firsthand. Even sucky ol' journalism. Boo hiss. Philosophy sounds really awesome - bubbly young female professor, friendly girls to talk to in the back row, fascinating choice of contemporary topics. Shakespeare is Shakespeare, and I'm so glad that I'm taking it with a professor who's just goofyshitnuts in love with the material. It's a good bit of reading, but I'm excited.

My Environmental Science lab professor sent an e-mail around to everyone in her Wednesday afternoon class, announcing that she wasn't going to start the course until next week. Convenient, as I have to go to Hagerstown tonight anyway to celebrate Mandi's birthday and have coffee with Jack. I might just stay there Wednesday, too.

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I had originally planned to write my final paper for Brit Lit on Paradise Lost. Once I switched gears and decided to do The Rape of the Lock, I no longer needed the books on Milton that I had checked out from the library. Sarah was in my room one day and mentioned that she was doing her paper on Milton, and asked to borrow the books I had checked out since I wasn't using them. I let her, and she promised to return them as soon as she was done.

This morning I received a nice e-mail from the Hood College library telling me that two books on Milton have not been turned in and that I have a month's late fees to pay.


Sarah, darling, honey, I love you, but what is so difficult about dropping two books off to the library before you go home? Especially when they're someone else's? Whenever I borrow anything from anyone, I am always ten times more careful with it than I am with my own things.

I haven't even set foot on campus yet this semester, and already there's a problem. I hope this isn't a bad omen...

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Yesterday afternoon I went over to Lincolnshire (my old elementary school) to talk to the band director about any students interested in private lessons. Instead, I got sidetracked and ended up sitting down with my former 5th grade teacher (the lady I assisted during my senior year) and chatting for an hour. By the time I left it was 4:00, and I happened to bump into the band director in the hallway. To my surprise, she actually isn't the band director anymore - the position has been "taken over" by another person. And he comes in every day from 1:30 to 2:30, so I had just missed him. Drat. She did tell me, though, that there are two clarinetists in 5th grade who have expressed interest in taking lessons. I might go over on Monday or sometime the week after to get more information from this guy.

I spent the afternoon with Megan on Tuesday (munching on cheese fries at Ruby Tuesday's, playing board games at my house, and also visiting The Locked Door!) and went out again with her (+ Kyle) on Wednesday. Tonight after the work meeting, I think I'm going over to Matt's house and playing Ouija Board. It's my first time channeling teh spirits, and I am intrigued.

Tomorrow is my first Saturday off. Ever. EVER in the year and a half that I've worked at Music & Arts. Convenient that it falls on the weekend before I go back to school. I'm determined to make the most of it - I'm going to call Donna and see if she and Jessica want to go shopping tomorrow afternoon.

Right now, I'm off to Hood to buy my books.

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We can't choose who we fall in love with, can we?

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After an eight hour work shift, dinner with R.L. and his family, an hour of Mario Kart racing, and a glass of pinot grigio, it's time for bed. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. <3

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I bought pants from Banana Republic on clearance for $18 today. They are a size 0. I had no idea Banana Republic pants ran so big, but damn does it feel nice to have a size 0, which I haven't been since before high school, in my closet again.

I'll be leaving in about a half-hour to go to the Spielman Christmas Party, which promises to be exciting. On the agenda: Scattergories, lots of food-eatin', and a karaoke tournament. Expect a generous picture upload within the next few days.

P.S. I just discovered Panera pizza with Nick after work last night, and it's the best pizza I've ever had in my life. Remarkably better than Cafe Del Sol.

P.P.S. Everyone is posting their grades for this semester, and I'm growing increasingly impatient because I don't get mine until after January 2nd.

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I'm really enjoying this time off from school too much for my own good. I've hooked up my old Playstation (that I haven't played in three years) and have been kicking some ass on the following games:

That's right, Ape Escape. Words cannot describe how much I love these cuddly, world-dominating little apes.

On Saturday night, Nick and I went to the cemetery to see the luminaries. Of course it was the cemetery where my grandfather is buried, and so I stopped and bought some red carnations (the kind that were on his casket last year) to put on his grave. I knew it would be hard, but I didn't expect it to be as hard as it was. I took a few minutes at the grave to simultaneously think and bawl and with the anniversary of his death being only three days away, I think I'd like to go back alone. Save Aunt Helen, my grandfather was pretty much the last remaining member of my extended family. I have no one outside of my parents. But in place of that there is good - like our connection with Donna and Debbie and their families. We're going over to Donna's on Friday night and I can't wait can't wait can't wait. Bring on the food and the dressing up and the games and the wine and the silliness.

Yesterday was spent baking cookies, shopping, and wrapping presents. The only person I have left to buy for is my mother. I thought I'd buy it today, but then Nick and I ended up spending almost the entire day in Baltimore. He showed me the site of the movie shoot that he participated in last year for Invasion of the Body Snatchers and took me to the building on which he spoke to *le gasp* Nicole Kidman! He was cold, and she walked over to him and said, "Don't worry, it'll be over soon." A moment like this... :]

I like spending time in Baltimore every once in a while, but I could never live in such a huge city. All that smog and the tall buildings that constantly seem like they're closing in. Even the panhandlers and beggars at every corner, especially during the holidays, are enough to make me stay in Hagerstown. Several asked Nick and I for change, tried to tell us stories, and one danced a circle around us while singing praises to the Lord. One crossed a street when he didn't have the right-of-way, and almost got hit numerous times. He spat on the hoods of the beeping cars and yelled every obscenity imaginable. It was heartbreaking.

Day trips take a lot out of me, so I'm off to bed.

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